Whats your #GoTo?

‘Appification’ of the web is a wonderful thing. But when two companies build a strategic alliance and come together for a campaign(that also turns out to be wonderful) – that is truly fantastic!

The idea is simple –  Get people engaged with their local cities and see who wins – the Big Apple (NYC) or the Emerald City (SEA). Using Instagram as a platform, people posted different photos of fun sites, bit or activities. Voters simply voted for which one of the two photos they like in order to play their part in the $50,000 promised donation to the NGO ‘Junior Achievement’. Of course, the percentage of the votes will dictate the division of the funds.




Visit : https://gotoseaornyc.com/

To make my point, This campaign is so much better than the standard facebook photo contest because:

1) Instragram is a more intuitive platform when it comes to taking photographs

2) Complicating people’s lives with facebook tabs and useless contests just annoys people (and me) now

3) Sometimes a simple hashtag can just make everyone’s lives less complicated and more engaging

The campaign has currently hit 525,000 votes – a sign that people are truly engaging with the campaign. Hugh McIntyre from BoomBox, the creative agency says, “Both (Amex and Delta) have worked on social projects before, but this is their first foray into Instagram”.

Thank God for AMEX and Delta for taking a leap of faith and becoming part of their customer’s habits instead of trying to change their habits through some stupid facebook photo contest.

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