Battle of the Drones

Drones are trending everywhere around us. Be it Amazon, Dubai , Brands or Tech geeks – Everyone wants to be a part of the action.

People speculate that drones are going to be a part of our everyday lives – be it transporting goods and love letters to actually launching targeted attacks on people.

Keeping the threats of drones aside, the fun stuff has already started. Of course, there will be innovative brands that take the leap in unknown territories and create immense brand Equity. In the Battle of the Drones, brands such as Sprite and Coke have already taken the lead. Sprite Zero connected with beach-goers while Coke addressed social issues.

Here are the two videos of how brands are redefining drone coolness:

1) Sprite Zero:


2) Coke:


Which brand do you think won the battle of the drones?

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