Singapore Tourism Board’s Controversial Video

Singapore Tourism Board published a video yesterday for its Philippines Market which aimed at promoting couples to come to Singapore. Other than the fact that the video was immensely draggy, it was obvious that the video was strange.  The end of the story was a girl gifting a pregnancy kit to her young (and rather handsome) husband saying – ‘I’m Pregnant. Happy Anniversary’.

Needless to say, this enraged audiences not just in the Philippines but all across the Asia Pacific Region.It seems like the Singapore Tourism Board has taken down the video but here is a link to the video another user uploaded:

Name of the Video: Singapore Tourism Board’s Horrid Video

(The user does not allow the link to be attached to other websites, so you need to watch it on YouTube itself)

Of course, Public Relations had to paint a rosy picture stating that ‘it (the video) had attracted 3,400 likes in the first week after it was posted on the tourism body’s Philippine Facebook page and prompted around 900 comments, “largely positive.” The video has (quite obviously) invited a lot of  jokes and parodies including this one:

Screen-shot-2014-04-08-at-5.42.44-PM   Honestly, I thought that if this video was an attempt at humor, I would laugh and also give it a ‘thumbs up’. But from the looks of it, I think the Singapore Tourism Board genuinely thought it was a great selling point -_- Well, the moral of the story is – Don’t sell a story that is hurts the sentiments of an audience. And, when it comes to Public Relations, at least be honest. A lot more people will appreciate that.

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