[2014] The best of brand hoaxes – April Fool’s Day

Yesterday, the Internet was full of April Fool’s Day brand Hoaxes.  Different brands tried their hand at humour and ‘awesome’. As expected, there are always going to be brands that are way on top of their game. Here are a few of my favourite campaigns:  

1) Dominos Pizza: 

The world’s first snacking box 


2) HTC Glove

Fake wearable technology glove


3) QLess

Qless created Line Ringer, an app that scans for the cell-phone numbers of the people ahead of you in line and calls them with fake emergencies that force them to sacrifice their place. Haha. Love this one!


4) Chilli’s

Everything you love about Chilli’s is put in the tub of joy!

Did you spot something that made you smile?

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