#Hashtag to Electricity

Imagine a tiny little land located in a small part of our large large world. Let’s call it Happyland. Life goes on happily for each of the citizens in Happyland. But what happens when the citizens of happyland don’t have a happy ending? What if one fine day, there is an earthquake or a hurricane or a huge flood. Within minutes, all the happiness can be swept away.

In the past, when such events occurred in different parts of the world, we knew a lot but did very little. Social Media has helped create awareness of natural disasters but not really given us a platform for all of us to help a disaster in real time. 

What if I tell you that from now on, your tweets are not going to waste. You could actually be part of a larger social change just by being involved in the larger online social community. 

Havas Media Group Asia Pacific has created a social innovation machine that turns your #hashtags into electricity. The ‘Heartbot’, short form for Havas Engagement Activated Response Technology Robot, detects a programmed set of tweets and converts them into enough electricity to power a light bulb or a small billboard. Of course, this is just the beginning of a fast changing future. Today, the heartbolt can light a bulb, tomorrow it might be able to help in relief efforts in places like Happyland. 

The innovation was launched for the first time at the prestigious Festival of Media Asia Pacific held in Singapore. As Tony Sarmiento (regional creative integrator at Havas Media APAC and chief collaborator at Havas Media Ortega) said, ” This is just the beginning, we see Heartbot powering different machines, protocols and social engagements globally”. 

Probably now, each #hashtag could save someone’s life in a place like Happyland.

 Spread the love. Spread the word. Spread the #hashtag. 

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