Are you coming with Moo to Festival of Media 2014 ?

Little Moo is going on a little adventure!  The task at hand is to dig out the most interesting trends in the  marketing and media industry to share it with all of you.

Most of the time, I would say that ‘moo’-ing along with this blog is a great way to stay updated about all the ‘cool stuff’ out there, but this year’s Festival of Media will is going to be out of the world! It is the largest gathering of media leaders in Asia Pacific!

If you are wondering why Moo is so excited about it, here are the top 3 reasons:

1) The speakers are Amaz’in – Yes! That’s right. Francis Belin (Swarovski), Vipul Chawla (Yum! Asia), Steve Mosko (Sony Pictures Television), Linda Yeuh (BBC World News) are just a few names of the speakers at the conference.

2) Networking is the name of the game – Like any other event, great conversation and contacts is something that everyone hopes to gain at the end of a conference. However, this is not just any other event. The Festival of Media will have 27 of the biggest brands from the likes of Audi, Fair Price, Intel, IBM, Philips, Samsung, Chelsea and Barclays. Do you really want to miss out?

3) Winner of the Best Development of an Existing Event – The Festival of Media won the best development of an existing event in the Asia Conference Awards 2013.  For those of you who don’t quite know what that is, just know that this event has been recognised as a fabulous conference with a mind-blowing number of learning and networking opportunities!

Moo will  be at Capella Singapore from the 16th – 18th of March at the Festival of Media. Will you?

To find out more, check out:


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