The Power of Real Time

Think about a trading floor back in the 90’s. The markets opened and people shouted out bids. The loudest, fastest and most aggressive cashed in. Every second mattered. Within a matter of seconds, you cash in on your bid or you lose.

Marketing today is like a trading floor. The world of social media revolves around the fact that every single second counts.  If an event occurs, you ought to be prepared to respond to it in the most engaging, exciting and effective way.

One of the greatest examples of ‘cashing in’ was  Oreo’s Dunk in the Dark move. During the Super Bowl, when the power went off Oreo seized the opportunity and published content that said – “Power out. No Problem. You can still Dunk in the Dark”. Within minutes there were around 10,000 re-tweets. Analysts even suggest that the move got Oreo so much more mileage than spending thousands of dollars in the Super Bowl. 360i, their creative agency said that the decision making, content creation and execution took only a couple of minutes. That is speed. That is real time.


As the advertising model evolves supported by the power of social media, it is evident that advertising will never be the same. Faster decision making and more creative content in real time will not just the game changer but the game creator.

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