I love my I-pad

Agency TBWA spent 3 weeks travelling the world to see how different people around the world were using the Ipad. Although the concept is quite cliché, this video deserves a real clap.

Although the entire campaign might have drained out a lot of resources, (and who knows if there can be a positive ROI), the video seems to show a variety of apps such as MenuPad,
MotionX GPS HD, CloudAhoy,GoodReader for iPad ,StageWrite for iPad and Garage Band. For all the current uses of the IPAD, a lot of these apps are familiar and give a strange reminiscence feeling.

In the brink of the release of the new Ipad, this ad will hopefully move current consumers up horizontally across the product line. However, I believe that in today’s interactive two way communication platform, users can actually post their experiences about innovative ways to use the Ipad. A compilation video of user input experiences could actually increase engagement, give a more ‘raw and real feeling’ to the add and possibly save Apple a lot of money.

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