#Trace your road – Lexus

Lexus is surely living up to it’s brand message of – “Creating Amazing”.

Recently, Saatchi & Saatchi, did create something amazing – a unique life size video game experience.

The game enabled a few selected facebook fans to create their own blue prints (Quite literally) for them to be able to take their own path.

Co-drivers (Read: Co-pilots) were able to draw the path of the Lexus Car on an IPAD. Formula One driver, Jarno Trulli took the co-drivers for the ride of their lives.

A special software sent signals to a projector that made a real time map for the Lexus to go on. The game required the car to pass through 7 random checkpoints in the lowest time possible.

Penalty points were given if while drawing, you hit the outside edge or if the car went off the path.

The entire campaign showed the Lexus’ great handling and amazing response time to the engine. This has surely been an innovative campaign and once again, Lexus created amazing.

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