Nestle uses brain waves to create art

Nestle uses brain waves to create art

“Have a break. Have a Kit Kat!” is Kit Kat’s tagline that all of us are extremely familiar with.

Nestle Kit Kat found an innovative way to show their target audience (Youth between 18- 24 years old) as to why they should take a break and why they should have a Kit Kat.

Nestle wired up students to headsets to track their brain waves and create art. Depending on the relaxation level of the individual different color schemes and shapes are formed on the screen.

Half way through the activity, Nestle prompted us to eat a Kit Kat and see how the relaxation levels change thus forming new brain art pieces.

Participants who entered the brain booth also got to take home a personalized piece of brain art they created.

“Break Art by Kit Kat is the first time a brand has managed to showcase how having a break has physical changes to one’s brain waves, and this further strengthens the Kit Kat message that taking breaks is important and good for you,” said Magdalene Tan, group brand manager for Nestle Singapore.

The campaign also tied well to social media where an app measured a person’ smile and encouraged Kit Kat consumers to create their break art at home.

Today, brands are increasingly relying on technology to be more innovative in their marketing campaigns. The ‘Break Art’ by Kit Kat campaign surely is an extremely novel way to reinforce Kit Kat’s core brand message to their target audience.

For me, the next time I take a break, I will surely think about having a Kit Kat !

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