Mentos’ Proposal for Singapore’s National Day

Not too long ago, Mentos came up with a rap (which I personally, did not like very much). Now, Mentos is singing again for Singapore’s National Day.

The jingle – “Finland, Will you marry me?” aims to solve Singapore’s problem of limited space. Ofcourse, the video is well done with localised humor such as Curry and Prata and 24 Hour Mustafa.

However, I feel that Mentos could have done a better job by actually trying to build a real relationship between the people of the 2 countries (who both eat Mentosrather than coming from the perspective that Singapore has everything to gain from the selfish marriage.

I believe that entertaining ads themselves are not good enough for the brand. i.e. there might be a buzz regarding the humor behind a “proposal” behind Singapore marrying Finland but will people really be talking about “Mentos” as a brand at all?

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