Coke’s wearable movie to spread smiles!

The great thing about Coke’s brand message is that it is:
1) Simple 2) Relatable 3)Extremely broad

Coke’s “opens happiness” brand message is always voiced out louder and stronger with every innovative campaign they launch.

Of course, the marriage between Coco-cola and Ogilvy has been strong stable and beneficial for both! Ogilvy did a great job with the wearable movie campaign where different people around the world that Coke wanted to thank were sent a note with the T-shirt.

These people were asked to take a photo of the T-shirt which each formed a different frame of the movie (read : commercial)

Although I would have loved to see the faces of the people, the story is easy to follow with the (predictable) end being sipping the coca-cola bottle.

But to be fair, I will always give Ogilvy & Mather +2 points for always coming up with innovative campaigns which clearly fits Coke’s overall branding strategy.

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