British Airways v/s Coke : Which story touches you? (Part I)

Today, brands no longer want to hard sell. Surely, there is a paradigm shift in the way brands speak to all of us.
Advertising is now moving to telling a story (and then selling it). Emotions are a time tested magic recipe in any ad campaign. When I watched this, I did shed a tear.
Although the ads by British Airways and Coke are extremely similar, I do believe that the ad is closer to British Airlines’ core product i.e. airplane services against just the overall branding theme of Coke i.e. of sharing happiness.
Therefore, I’d give a +1 to British Airways. (P.s: They manage their YouTube Channel better too).

One thought on “British Airways v/s Coke : Which story touches you? (Part I)

  1. Dear Little Moo,
    I find your ability to distill insights from commonplace marketing buzz very commendable! Looking forward to your next post :)

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