Starbucks trending with Instragram in Singapore



Everyone in Singapore loves Instagram! And more so, we all love to take photos of everything we eat or drink.

Starbucks Singapore leveraged on this trend and seems to come up with a fabulous marketing campaign.

Anyone buying a starbucks coffee can collect one of these “Instragramable Coffee coasters” (named by me) to put their coffee on it to take a photo :)

All the coffee drinker and “instragramer” has to do is to simply pop up the relevant icons he/she wants such as the photo of the frappuccino, green tea latte, #ilovewhitechoc (for their white chocolate pudding drinks), or funny summer icons such as bikinis, skateboards or scuba diving instruments.

Innovation in marketing isn’t just about coming up with a radical new concept. Sometimes, it is best to join a trend and create something even more exciting of it.

In most cases with marketing, the trend is your friend. The trick is how you can leverage on this to make your brand even more exciting to engage with.

This one is surely “coffee for thought”.

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