I *heart* Heinz Singapore.

 I *heart* Heinz Singapore.

We have seen so many “I Love *something*” campaigns. Most of them get monotonous and dry.

However, this “I love Heinz” campaign was surely a great hit! The idea is so simple – Share why you love Heinz and you win a pack of 12 Heinz Ketchup bottles with personalized talking labels.

The Social Media Team created a “Heinz Hall of Fame”. The perfect time tested ketchup mix for a campaign to go viral – get your family and friends to like your photo and the top 10 will win the personalized ketchup bottles.

I am personally a believer in the power of Social Media and the true engagement value that it creates. Just such a simple idea creates so much of a buzz. At the end of the day, it is so important to get people talking. And of course, what better way than to bond over food? :)

One thought on “I *heart* Heinz Singapore.

  1. personalisation plays an important part in addition to the respondent saying “whats in it for me ” prashant

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