Google’s Person Finder

Google’s Person Finder

The state of Uttarakhand, India witnesses flash floods that swept away roads bridges and the entire foundation of the state. (June 17th 2013) 

Almost 15,600 people are missing with a majority of them stranded in various relief camps in Dehradun and Badrinath. 

Google has launched its person finder online application to help people find their relatives who are lost in the catastrophic floods. These records can be accessed by anyone and has helped a lot of people get in touch with people caught in the floods and vice versa. 

This idea was first conceptualized during hurricane Katrina and has from there on been used for other disasters including the Chile and Haiti earthquakes, the boston marathon bombings and the pakistan floods.

Google truly stands for their tag line  – “Don’t be evil”. The people at Google truly believe in their corporate values of caring and supporting communities they live and work with. I am sure that there are a lot of people aspiring to work at Google not only because of the perks offered at Google but because the values of the company truly resonate with that of each individual. 

4 thoughts on “Google’s Person Finder

  1. These things are why I am a lifelong Google fan. Do they have shady business practices like every other company in the world? SURE…but things like this make up for that and then some…you can’t put a price on this.

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