SG: Tighter regulation for marketing fast food brands to kids on the horizon

There is a global movement supported by the World Health Organization regarding the ill effects of marketing fast food products to children. Research studies have shown that advertising influences children’s food preferences, purchase requests and consumption patters. 

The Ministry of Health, Singapore is currently reviewing the need to strengthen standards for advertising products that are high in fat, sugar or salt for children. In Malaysia itself, fast food advertising has been banned from children’s TV programs, event and online executions. 

KFC and Mac Donald’s Singapore claim to have already tweaked their marketing strategy in anticipation of tighter regulations. Funny so they claim to realign their marketing strategy to focus on their “core competencies”. Which is what again? *coughs*

Here is Mac Donald’s Way to say they are doing so much to contribute to the rising obesity rates in Singapore – The happy meals offer age proportionate portion sizes with healthier options such as corn cup, apple slices, low fat high calcium milk and Ribena Less Sweet for “parents” to mix and match for a more well balanced meal. 

The onus is of course on the parents to make the meal choices for children. Options between the crispy fries and apple slices will always just be options on a menu. Nothing else. I will bury my head in dismay and rest my case. 

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