Pink Dot 2013 – Kudos Singapore! A Campaign Video Well Done :)

The Campaign Video for the Pink Dot Movement 2013 is a video extremely well done. It is raw, real and truly bring the message home with the lyrics – “This is home. This is where i won’t be alone”.

The video gave me goosebumps when i watched personal themes such as love, family acceptance and personal loss being expressed so beautifully in a single video.

The Pink Dot has been supported by Google and Barclays from the very beginning to show that their company values also resonate acceptance towards the LGBT community and the need for a diverse work force.

The Pink Dot truly symbolizes an open inclusive society within our very own Red Dot. Of course, pink is also the color that is the product of mixing red and white, the 2 colors of the national flag.

Last year the turn out for the event was more than 15,000 people and i truly hope that this video will encourage many other people to support this movement of freedom and love.

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